Accomodating deaf dating after ovarian cancer

How much of the information you share with colleagues or clients is via the phone, email, your intranet, website, a Power Point presentation or a short video? Technology can work as an enabler as well as a disabler.

A message from your organisation’s CEO via video on your corporate intranet can be a really powerful way to communicate with your workforce, but if that video does not have subtitles or captions, you are excluding a proportion of your staff, not limited to those with a hearing impairment but also people whose first language is not English.

“ACDHH is really excited and proud to have advised these venues on how they can become accessible for all destination travelers.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act requires devices such as neck loop technology which acts as a remote connection for hearing aids.There are also times when specialist adjustments, such as using a palentypist or BSL interpreter, need to be arranged.It is important that the individual employee gets the adjustment that they require, when they require it – because no two people with a hearing impairment are the same.Closed captioning and telecommunication relay services (TRS) are also helpful for members of the hearing loss community.TRS is a service that provides communications assistants to serve as intermediaries between people who have hearing or speech disabilities.“The places on our list have really stepped it up to provide accommodations for deaf and hard of hearing travelers,” said Michele Michaels, hard of hearing program manager at The Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing.

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