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They are not police, to understand who cheat and who does not.

And if you still need to send money to your relative, then the recipient should not delay getting an extended period. Additional information To get more information on fraud through remittances, use the information on the official website of the desired system of money transfers.

And in case of default of the "seller "system will not be able to take his money and return to you.

If you still deceived, you will have to write a statement to your local police, who will send the request to the police of the country of the recipient of payment and there is no guarantee that they will be able to catch the criminal in the nearest future.

With the deadline fast approaching, we know two things: (1) there will probably be a rush of last-minute filers; and (2) scammers will try to take advantage of the people filing claims. And we’re still seeing scams that offer to get you special access, so-called easier ways to file, and promises of big amounts of money.

This includes one recent email that said it came from the FBI, promised a refund of more than 0,000 – and said you could claim it just by emailing a Gmail address.

And to confirm that you have sent the scanned receipt translation sending attackers.If the seller does not agree to any of the other methods - Better look for another vendor!!!!Fraud involving sending money via Western Union to Italy, Russia, and in any other countries increased, so have to be careful and do not participate in the suspicious and very profitable deals, however good they may be. You are offered to make a transfer in pledge of the purchased goods, and show them the payment receipt, without specifying the MTCN control number of payment.And just as in the case described above, make false documents and receive your payment.And in some democratic countries such as England, you can not ask for a passport, if you know the number of transfer and all the data sender.

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