Abhishek bachan aishwarya rai dating

In 2006, the year of the Fire Dog, Rai’s husband star appears in the annual pillar and her relationship with Abhishek probably took off during this year.In the year 2007, the year of the Fire Pig, there is a combination between the 7 Killings star, and the Hurting Officer star.Furthermore, 2007 is a Fu Yin year for Abhishek’s Day Pillar and it involves his spouse palace.Generally, getting married in a Fu Yin year (a year when your Day Pillar ‘disappears’ in lay person speak) is not a good idea as it is usually not a good year in which to make sudden decisions or major decisions, such as getting married. Probably as long as Abhishek does not act with his wife in a film, things will probably be okay.In Rai’s chart, Metal is a very strong element, as she is born in the Dog month, which is part of the Metal season, and also she has two Oxes in her chart – Ox is known as the Storage of Metal. Also, looking at Abhishek’s chart, there is a Ungrateful Punishment formation between his Bazi Chart and his Luck PIllar, and more importantly, a clash formation between his spouse palace and his luck pillar.So Abhishek’s fans may not take too kindly to his marriage and this could affect his star power and reputation.The Punishment Formation that previously affected her chart, is gone so her thinking and mental state is also more positive and optimistic.Now, the Jia Shen pillar comes with a saying ‘ Geng Metal Chop Jia Wood, Produce Ding Fire’.

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According to news reports, she was dating her co-star Vivek Oberoi at that time.As that relationship was reported variously as ‘abusive’, this would tie in with the complete Bullying Punishment that takes place in 2003, with a complete Goat, Dog, Ox and Dragon formation in her chart.A Bullying Punishment usually represents a situation where the person is trapped in a hostile situation and has no way out.This combines away the Hurting Officer star in Rai’s chart.The Hurting Officer star, as it’s name implies, is the star that goes against the Direct Officer star.

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