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She also became friends with Erin Silver even though Silver was offended when Annie left her to spend time with Naomi & responded by making Annie the latest subject of parody on her blog.She later apologized to Annie by helping her win a part in a school musical.After accepting an offer to read for the small film, Annie introduced the producer to Adrianna, who was then given the same opportunity.Afterwards, a grateful Adrianna expressed her appreciation to Annie, and revealed that she'd staged the incident with Ty. She later apologized to Ty for assuming the worst of him, and the two chose to continue their relationship as friends.Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be an actress and was involved in all the school plays.Annie is the only daughter of Harry and Debbie Wilson.

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Annie is best friends with Naomi Clark and Erin Silver.Eventually, she began to distance herself from Ty when she believed Ethan to be available, Silver however advised her that pursuing Ethan wouldn't be wise, as he and Naomi were likely to reconcile.When it became apparent that Naomi was still a priority to Ethan she attempted to rebuild her relationship with Ty - only to find that he'd begun moving on.She persisted in trying to win him back, apologizing with cookies and a kiss.Ty soon declared that she is "adorable," and they got back together.

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